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I was pleased to have been interviewed by Chip Flory on the July 30, 2020 AgriTalk program about estate planning during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as my upcoming presentation at Farm Journal’s Field Days on pre-nups, post-nups, and how to keep assets in the family.

While many people believe that pre-nups and post-nups won’t be effective when challenged in court, the truth is that these agreements typically are upheld – provided that they are done right.  As an example, getting a pre-nup signed at the rehearsal dinner likely won’t hold up if later challenged.  Conversely, when both sides are represented by legal counsel and there is plenty of time to review and negotiate the terms, pre-nups and post-nups are much more likely to be upheld.

At Farm Journal’s Field Days, I’ll be discussing these matters at a virtual presentation entitled “Pre-Nups, Post-Nups, and Buy-Sells Oh My! How you can keep assets in the Blood.”  I’ll provide guidance about how to start this tricky conversation with a loved one (helpful hint – you can always blame the lawyer), as well what can happen when these issues are not properly addressed (such as suddenly finding that you now own a farm with an ex in-law).

Farm Journal’s Field Days – The New American Farm Show™, is a free online show taking place August 25-27, 2020.  The show will provide farmers, ranchers, and all of agriculture with educational pavilions, speakers, and entertainment.  The Virtual Event Live General Sessions agenda can be seen here – https://www.farmjournalfielddays.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Virtual-Agenda.pdf .  Registration is FREE, and can be done at this link – https://www.farmjournalfielddays.com/register/

Please join me and the other outstanding presenters online at this year’s event!