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Celebrating Matt’s One Year Anniversary at the Firm!

It’s hard to believe, but one year has now passed since Matt Folz joined our firm.  When Matt first started practicing with us, we were hiding in this very large building (which was undergoing extensive exterior renovations), waiting on computers to be delivered and furniture to be put together so that our law practice could open.

Thankfully the computers arrived quickly, the furniture was assembled, and we were able to get our firm off the ground. Matt was extremely helpful throughout our renovation process (that is to say, helping move furniture and equipment – not exactly what is taught in law school!).  Our team has now grown to four professionals.

More importantly, of course, has been Matt’s contributions to our firm’s clients and assisting in their matters.   I would like to take a moment and thank Matt for his contributions over the past year, on behalf of the firm and our clients.