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Indiana Pork is committed to supporting the over 3,000 Indiana pork farmers and their families. Each year they host a meeting to provide updates on the industry, elect new board members, recognize members and share important information that affects pork farmers in Indiana and nationwide.

This year, the meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 from 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM and will feature Polly Dobbs as the keynote speaker to discuss the topic of estate planning. This is an important topic for all but especially crucial for farm families.

Indiana Pork Office
5722 W. 74th Street
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As a farm girl and estate planning attorney, Polly is passionate about helping farm families’ focus on the efficient transfer of their land, buildings and equipment to the next generation. Polly will discuss general business succession planning concepts, and how they can be incorporated into a comprehensive plan that specifically addresses the unique issues facing farm families. Polly will present practical examples of farm succession plans that treat all off-farm heirs fairly while passing control to those involved in day-to-day farming operations. She will also give tips to avoid common succession planning mistakes made by farm families and will discuss some of the most tax efficient ways to pass the farm to the next generation.

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